Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yes!Weekly: Emails appear to contradict Council representative, city leadership

GREENSBORO, NC -- Yes!Weekly has made available some of the emails that were the foundation for their story Under surveillance which led to a  failed attempt by the City of Greensboro to get an injunction to stop publication of that story and a subsequent attempt to justify that action in an opinion piece co-authored by the City's manager, police chief and attorney.

Yes!'s Eric Ginsberg writes:
"Read the files on Abuzuaiter here, including the e-mails Abuzuaiter claimed she did not send. The councilwoman denied all correspondence with Detective Rob Finch, and also said she never communicated with Capt. John Wolfe about the Beloved Community Center or Latin Kings."
Ginsberg also says the emails call into question whether the city's explanation of its attempts to stop the publication of the article were for the reasons they gave to the public or if the attempt at an injunction was to protect the councilwoman.


Billy Jones said...

I'm not ready to take off my tin foil hat and won't be as long as city officials continue to refuse to call in the SBI.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

If Greensboro should have any collective wisdom by now, it would be "Don't jump to conclusions." (Would make a great city slogan too!)

Wouldn't there need to be suspicion of some type of crime for the SBI to be involved? At this point, city council should be given the chance to do their jobs and exercise some oversight.

Anonymous said...


I'm concerned that all of this attention by Eric (former campaign manager for Cornell of the Latin Kings) and others is going to 1) get someone hurt and 2) result in future protests being less peaceful.

If you could go back in time, how would you stop the Greensboro Massacre from occurring?

If Marikay contacted the police, I'm sure it was to make sure none of these protests got out of hand. What is the end game here? What would you like to see happen? No police surveillance, no monitoring of protests?

sal leone said...

I will say that Yes Weekly did the story of the year. I think the best action is for Marikay to go public, either deny or explain what the emails are about, she might have an explanation. As per the SBI, they should investigate the City, if the city is claiming that Yes Weekly should not have had the files then personnel laws might of been broken, but hard to do when a judge rules in yes weekly favor. What we have here is a council member being accused of spying on the public and we have Marikay stating she does not, what to do. These things are always settled in a trial or open hearing. I think the public should be allowed to hear the truth in regards to the way police act and their elected officials, I say let Marikay defend herself, thats her right
The question is was Marikay a snitch or CI as people would say or a concerned citizens trying to mediate.
The two are diffent, A CI works off a violation of the law for himself or someone else, a person who mediates is trying to help

Billy Jones said...

Would doctoring police documents (e-mails) in order to change the outcome of an upcoming election not be a crime? That's my suspicion and I'm far from the only one.

Why are city officials objecting to my e-mails to call in the SBI? The City has proven a long standing history of not being able/capable/willing to investigate itself. You, Roch, have helped proved that to be true. Remember David Wray?

sal leone said...

Billy makes a point, calling in the SBI might just clear Marikay if the documents were altered but it could open another can of worms if there is more out there that we dont know about.
I have years working with investigations and know something does not smell right here with the city. There is one thing clear here, the City Manager should resign, she has lost control of the City Hall, this is her watch. I hope people remember the computer glitch and lost housing records and now City Hall giving out files it should not, a City police dept spying on common folk, who is in control here.

Hugh said...

"If Greensboro should have any collective wisdom by now, it would be "Don't jump to conclusions." (Would make a great city slogan too!)"

Best ones's so far:

Pretension without cause
Leave at 20, return at 40
A city in search of its identity
Racism past, present and future

Roch Smith, Jr said...

"No police surveillance, no monitoring of protests?" -- Anon

I would like to see us have:

1. A much greater, transparent and open understanding of the extent to which the police conduct surveillance on non-criminal law abiding citizen.

2. A public discussion about the extent to which we, as citizens, want our police to conduct such surveillance on us.

3. Our civilian leadership to set some directives that guide the police on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Try substituting the word "media" for "police" above. And who is really putting lives at risk here? Those flaunting these emails or the police?

When guys start posting your photo, personal info, and home address as Fec has - who's the bad guy here? What if a gang goes after someone like marikay?

Do you just want to be right? Or do you want to do what's right?

Billy Jones said...

Anon, makes a great point. When Fec posted a police officer's home address to his blog and I copied and pasted that same information to Facebook people thought us both horrid. But a police officer is trained in self-defense, armed and as able to protect himself as anyone.

But when Yes Weekly puts Marikay's life in danger (remember, those who would hurt her already know where she lives) that's all fine and dandy. How is such a double standard acceptable in this community?

Anyone standing behind Brian Clarey and Yes Weekly in this matter should be ashamed.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

Marikay is an elected official whose conduct, especially as related to a bureaucracy she is charged with overseeing, is rightfully scrutinized.

The extent to which her life has been endangered has not been demonstrated beyond your assertions.


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