Thursday, February 21, 2013

Police now first step in Greensboro records request process, City Council informed

"We have made immediate adjustments to our process to ensure that the Greensboro Police Department is now the first step in the email/public information review process."-- Email from City Manager Denise Turner Roth to all Greensboro City Council representatives, January 30, 2013
No public reaction to this by any city council people. I guess they are okay with it.


Billy Jones said...

I guess we'll never get any questions answered now.

Anonymous said...

Roch, I don't recall seeing that. I'll have to go back and read the memo.


Roch Smith, Jr said...

Thank you, Nancy. The subject of the email was, "Yes Weekly Article Follow Up."

sal leone said...

I am not sure why the police have to review records fisrt, sounds like they created the information police, not sure the City Manager understands the term Public Record, she might know the term Cover Up.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

I hope you are not correct, Sal.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to not vote for Vaughan and Kee. It is a shame; I expect better from them.

Sal are you running this year?

Keep up the good work, Roch.


sal leone said...

I am looking at Dist 5, I like Tony and hate to run against him but at large is a big race.
I learned a lot from my last two races, and learned things. The first thing I learned was that i was not ready to run. I have been doing more research on city dealings, going to more council meetings and getting to know the players.
I been working on a homeless plan and a plan for GPD. The problem with city meetings is they go on and on about the same problems, solve them and then they wouldn't come up.
One of the first things I will do is deal with public records, they are public records for a reason, public records are part of a free society and a check on government, now GPD will review records, this is something I worry about, a police state.
The City Manager needs to go, I need a strong leader, leadership is from the front, not rear.


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