Saturday, February 09, 2013

Flushing credibility

Ben Holder on a News & Record reporter deleting his questions about a wildly inaccurate story that remains uncorrected and unaddressed:
I went back and checked yesterday and learned that my comment about her inaccurate reporting was no longer even there.  I went back today and checked and guess what?  Still nothing.  It appears that Amanda has deleted my comment from her Facebook page.  I was kinda surprised.  I would expect this from Tony Carmany, Robbie Perkins, Zach or Nancy Vaughan.  But, a reporter? 

This is bad because we need a real press.  We need a real press especially when we don't have a real council or a real city managers office or a real police force.  We need reporters to report facts because our leaders embrace lies.

We need reporters that have a sense of responsibility to their readers.  We need reporters that are bothered if they get something wrong.  We need reporters that feel a need to correct mistakes.  We don't need reporters that refuse to acknowledge their own journalistic shortcomings.

This was a simple, honest mistake made by ignorant media personalities and council members.  A simple oops woulda been acceptable.  It would have been forgotten.   What is not acceptable is arrogantly ignoring mistakes and deleting comments.  That will not be forgotten. 
Ben's right. For all the hope that new ownership at the New & Record may portend computer upgrades and more staffing, none of that matters if the people there don't now how to or don't care about restoring credibility.

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Don Moore said...

No doubt, a fresh coat of paint is nice; but when applied to an out-house, it is still an out-house. No doubt the local media needs some basic journalism leadership, sadly, the public has become accustomed to being spoon fed. Excuse, I've got to get back to American Idol.


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