Friday, May 10, 2013

News & Record fabricates "dodging bullets" quotation

GREENSBORO, NC -- Without comment or acknowledgement, the News & Record has quietly rewritten a posted news story to remove a fabricated quotation.

In a story about possible police misconduct, reporter Joe Gamm originally reported a woman telling a 911 operator that she "must have dodged some bullets" from a police officer. That's not true—she didn't say that.

A police officer just tried to kill me. I must have dodged some bullets,” she said. 

Although the N&R posted a recording of the 911 call with this story, it did not, in fact, have anybody saying: "I must have dodged some bullets." The fabrication has been removed without comment from the story with no explanation of why a made up quotation found its way into the story to begin with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to speed on how unethical our local media really is.

-Brandon Burgess

Billy Jones said...

So the question becomes: if we can't trust them on stories in which the media has no stake in the game, how can we trust them on matters of local politics when the subjects of those stories are also their paying advertisers?

I think it's time Greensboro formed a non profit media group. I'll gladly work for very low pay even at jobs such as sweeping the floor or delivering papers just so people know I'm not slanting the stance of the publication.

I know a grant writer I might beg to help us. No promises, depends on her mood.

Roch Smith, Jr said...


If you come to the community meeting, please bring up that idea.


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