Monday, April 15, 2013

City makes a portion of Yes!Weekly emails available, for an instant

GREENSBORO, NC -- More than two months after they were first requested, the city of Greensboro finally made a portion of the much anticipated Yes!Weekly emails available to the public—for a matter of hours.

These were among the emails that were supposedly so dangerous they compelled the City of Greensboro to sue (unsuccessfully) to stop them from being published, a black-eye permanently attached to Greensboro's reputation.

The City placed the emails on their FTP server, a website from where they could be downloaded but, according to the city's  public affairs, the FTP site removes all files at midnight every night and so it was with the Yes!Weekly emails. They were available for a portion of a day and now are gone.

There are two areas of failure with the City's response to public records requests: process and culture. The broken culture manifests itself in the obstinance and arrogance of upper management as they flaunt the law and ridicule requesters; the broken process manifests itself in things like an FTP server that deletes all files at midnight.


Anonymous said...

Billy Jones said...

They weren't even available the same day the City sent the e-mail. I know as I tried to download them and only got spam.

Also, no one from the City has replied to me to that e-mail that I sent you a copy of on Thursday concerning the failure of the files.

They must really think us stupid.


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