Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Excellence at City Hall

GREENSBORO, NC -- 16 minutes from now, I can catch the #8 bus on Battleground Avenue to the heart of downtown. It will take 33 minutes and will cost $1.50 versus 15 minutes and $2.21 to drive.

How do I know that? It's thanks to a new implementation by the City of Greensboro Transit Authority of Google Maps whereby the City's transit schedules, routes and fares have been incorporated into Google Maps directions.

This is a most excellent example of good government customer service and an admirably sophisticated implementation of data visualization. It's what Google is good at and the folks at the City responsible for this deserve appreciation for recognizing the potential and for following through.

To Get Bus Routes on Google Maps
  • GO TO Google Maps
  • CLICK "Get directions" [mobile: Tap the directions sign icon]
  • CLICK on the transit icon (the little bus)
  • TYPE your starting address OR right CLICK it on the map.
  • TYPE your ending address OR right CLICK it on the map.
Click the reverse icon and you can check for later routes back. Click the route icons on the map for more route information.

Here, try it yourself:


Billy Jones said...

And it only took GTA about 3 years to get up to speed.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

It's true that we, as the 69th largest city in the country, are joining over 500 other cities already putting their transit information on Google Maps but, our discontent at the glacial pace of change here not withstanding, this is a very good thing for Greensboro to have done.

Anonymous said...

I don't own a car and I take the bus everywhere. Glad that this tool is finally available.

Roch, do you know if the Maps feature lists updates such as delays and re-routes for snow, holidays and traffic accidents?


Anonymous said...

To answer your question, Google Transit will not reflect short-term route and service changes such as late buses, snow routes, etc. We do not have the technological capability to integrate that into Google Transit right now. Plus, Google only updates the data we send them once per week. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to offer real-time bus information. In the meantime, you can always follow us on Twitter @gtaheat or call Customer Service at 335-6499 for service updates.

Kevin Elwood
Greensboro Transit Authority

Roch Smith, Jr said...

Kevin, was this your doing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kevin.



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