Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New council representative Wilkins' first order of business: crumble like a cookie

[UPDATE: Wilkins says he took down his blog on the advice of a "political consultant."]

GREENSBORO, NC -- Tony Wilkins was sworn in to City Council yesterday as a replacement for the departing district five representative Trudy Wade. Tony then promptly proceeded to delete his blog.

That's pretty craven... and dumb.

I endorsed Tony partially based on the fact that he was a blogger. When council members started to question his character during the nominating process for some of his blog posts, councilor Nancy Vaughan came to his defense and said that the fact Tony kept his blog up despite the heat showed his character.

Once he was officially ensconced though, he took it down and made fools of both of us. And it was a dumb thing to do, because his blog is archived here, so he hasn't accomplished anything other than quickly causing us to question his wisdom. Maybe I should have known better.

(Thanks to Sam Hieb for bringing our attention to the missing blog.)


Fec said...

Same here, regarding my endorsement. Bill Burckley's marionette has just begun to dance.

Billy Jones said...

I'm thinking that as long as Tony has been blogging he had to know about Internet Archives. I'm betting he just took his first opportunity to show the rest of City Council how much smarter the local bloggers are (himself included) then Council has proven themselves to be.

Score Wilkins 2, Perkins 0 and he hasn't even cast a vote.

sal leone said...

I love this, already in office and his back turns on bloggers, love it. I feel bad for Roch, the knife in his back must hurt,lol. As per Nancy v, she is as fake as a three dollar bill, do and say anything for a friend and some votes in Dist 5 could not hurt in the at large race.

You see Roch I am real and dont hide, you either like my blog or dont but to erase it means you have no faith in what you write.

Great writers stand by what they say, not cave in to make 8 others happy, but you will endorse him again and work things out.


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