Monday, December 03, 2012

Newspaper editor on website fiasco: "My soup's cold."

Reviews have not been good. The paper takes a beating all week about its functionality-challenged website and in his Sunday column editor Jeff Gauger writes about cold soup. During the Amendment One debate he wrote about blue yard signs. Right before the election he wrote about grits.
-- Sam Hieb
Sam is right, since arriving from Ohio this spring, News & Record editor Jeff Gauger's hokum has been an insult to the people of Greensboro. We are a city of five institutions of higher learning, two of them historically black, of inspiring participation in the civil rights movement and of national renown for our blogging and citizens media. Quaker influences still resonate as we stake a claim to a progressiveness that separates us from most of the rest of North Carolina. Our economic history is of a city built on a triumvirate of tobacco, textiles and furniture powerhouses and the subsequent challenges of having that base disintegrate in quick order by globalization. Our present is about us keeping our heads above water while we remain ever hopeful of revitalization. That's Greensboro.

Grits, Duke blue v. Carolina blue and our soup not hot enough for his liking? Gauger sounds like he's writing to his meemaw back in Akron while passing through, not to the people of his new hometown of whom he has apparently yet to gain any significant understanding, insight or respect.


Hartzman said...

"my understanding is that this project belongs to Saul's team, and that even under that structure editorial was disappointed in the amount of input it had in the process."

Ed Cone

Billy Jones said...

Tell him he should have came promptly when his momma called him for supper.

Anonymous said...

About his soup post - that was the last straw for me.

On his blog I asked him if he was some kind of "kook"...?

GG deleted it the next day.

The website is a disaster !

jhs said...

" ... writing to his meemaw back in Akron ..."

ROTF. Man that is funny stuff. And poetic too.


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