Thursday, January 10, 2013

An open letter to some local media types

Dear Frank Mickens and Allen Johnson,

You gentlemen hold positions of importance within your news organizations. I assume that's because somebody thinks you know how to do your jobs, which I also assume means knowing how to communicate in the modern age.

It seems as if somehow you missed a ten second lesson on hyperlinks. You should try it, all the kids are doing it, and when we read posts by you (Frank's, Alllen's) that refer to something elsewhere on the Internet but that don't offer us any way to get there, well, it makes you look a bit like an old fogey — especially when your link-free text is telling us "look at this story."

So, here it is, in three easy steps, at no charge to you:

1. Highlight and copy the URL (link) for the article, post or tweet you are referencing.

2. Immediately prior to the text you wish to make into a link, type this:
<a href="thelinkyoujustcopied">
Replace thelinkyoujustcopied with the link you just copied leaving everything else, including the quotation marks, intact.

3. Immediately after the text you want to turn into a link, type this:
That's all there is to it. Welcome to 90's.



Don Moore said...

Let me get this straight....
You are asking a guy whose media outlet constantly claims press releases as their own content and someone in the newspaper business to adopt a technique that is almost considered old school?

Just checking.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

I'm an eternal optimist.


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